Get 20 and 22 Slot Bags for Free (Plus Make Some Gold)


If you’re a decent geared level 90 character, you can get three big bags for free.

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It’s all about soloing two instances (a dungeon and a raid) that you had to be a full team for pre-cata. Today, you can solo them if only your level 90 character has at least decent gear.

There’s a 20 and a 22 slot bag that drops from the dungeon called “Forge of Souls” in the Icecrown Citadel. The bags drop at heroic and normal level, and they are called “Papa’s New Bag” and “Papa’s Brand New Bag”. They are unique equipped, so you can only have one of each. The bags drop frequently (about 22% of the times) from Bronjahm.

While you’re in Northrend, you should head to Dragonblight and find Obsidian Sanctum, which is a 10/25 man raid. Kill Sartharion, and in 82% of the cases, he’ll drop a 22 slot bag called Dragon Hide Bag.

Afterwards, you should head to Onyxia’s Lair in Swamp of Sorrows. Kill Onyxia, and in 90% of the cases she’ll drop a 22 slot bag called “Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack”.

You are now fully equipped with three 22 slot bags and a 20 slot bag for free, and you should even have made some gold in the process.

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