Rational Mana Foci


If you have done the PvP quests on Isle of Thunder, then you know that some of the quests are repetitive. You will have them each time. Like the one asking you to destroy 7 mana foci.

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If you are in a group, two, three players or more, you can actually speed it up and get more than one mana focus in one. There is no need for the group to spread to right and left to find the mana foci here and there.

Stay grouped. Find a “leader” who will be counting from 1 to 3 (or 3 to 1, I don’t care), and at 3, you all press the object destroying the mana focus.

Even though it doesn’t happen exactly in the same time (there can be almost one second in between, it will still work), then each player will get one mana-focus, and so will the group.

One player, one focus, two players, two foci, three players, three foci, and so on.

With three players, you just need to find three foci to get your 7 and finish the quest without getting too far away from the group.

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