How to Talent and Gear for PvP? The Rogue


For PvP, the best specialization to go is Subtlety or Assassination. There are many Assassination rogues and they do very well in PvP but in this article, I will explain about the Subtlety specialization. 

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Never use Combat specialization in PvP. It is a PvE specialization, and it is not worth anything in PvP. 

In this, very long tip, we will see the talents to choose (and why), the glyphs to choose (and why), stats priority (and why) and the gems and enchants which will be best to use in PvP. 



1. Subterfuge: Without discussion the best. You don’t want that an enemy to get you out of stealth before you had the time to have your opener. It is a great survival tool too, when you don’t want your vanish to break up when you try to escape. At last, you have a “mini-shadow dance” since you can use your abilities from stealth in three seconds after an opening, so you can easily cheap-shot, garrote and ambush. That gives you a great opener. 

2. Nerve Strike: Very flexible talent, since it procs on Cheap Shot or Kidney Shot, you can almost control it and choose when to burst the enemy. Combat Readiness can be a good talent in arenas if you are up against a team, that you know will train you the entire match, but Nerve Strike gives more possibilities, in my opinion.

3. Elusiveness: If you use Feint, you will take 30% less damage for 5 seconds, which can be a life-saver. Pop it when you see that the enemy is focusing on you. Remember to start Feint BEFORE you get focused on. You can, in short, spam the button every two seconds. Do it. Avoid Leeching Poison since it is a PvE talent.

4. Shadowstep: Definitly the best, especially since its cooldown has been greatly reduced. You can quickly go back to your healer or shadowstep-kick a caster or a hunter. Cloak and Dagger could be a good one if you are against three DPS and you want for example to cheap-shot all three of them. Burst of Speed is pretty useless, even though it is a funny talent, because it is pretty obvious when you run to an enemy, burst of speed or not. You will just get peeled. With Shadowstep, you appear directly behind your target and they don’t see you coming.

5. Prey on the Weak: Most of the time, the best one to choose. Whenever you stun someone, you and your team get 10% more damage during the stun, and this is huge. At times, Paralytic Poison might be a good idea if you want to peel.

6. Marked for Death: I have used Anticipation a lot too. A very good talent if you are playing with a Warlock and a shaman, but if you are playing with a more bursty team (or alone), Marked for Death is a very good talent too. To be honest, I have often switched between the two. See what is best for you. Forget Shuriken Toss, since Blizzard have nerfed this talent, it has become close to useless.


Major Glyphs: 

– Blind
– Garrote
– Cheap Shot

The only mandatory glyph you will want is Glyph of Blind.

But as situational glyphs you might want:

– Glyph of Feint since it will make your Feint hold two seconds more and that will make you pretty resilient (especially if you have talented it).

– Glyph of hemorrhaging Veins.

– Glyph of Recovery: If you expect the enemy to hurt you a lot, so it will be easier for your healer to heal you.

In short: Glyph of Blind is a must have and then you can switch between the four others depending on the enemy you are facing or your play style.



Hit 3% > Mastery > Crit > Haste.

– Hit is first because you do not want your ability to miss. If you miss, you cannot do damage (QED!). So always hit first.

– Mastery is next because the Subtlety rogue’s Mastery increases the damage done by your finishing move, which is pretty much the point.

– Crit is very good for increasing damage. More important than Haste.

– Haste will give you better energy restoration and quicker auto-attack, so it is not to be disregarded, even though it is not as significant as the other stats.

Use the Reforge Lite add-on to reforge your gear according to the optimum stats.



For PvP, in this season 5.4, you will want to go full PvP-gear. Last season, there were some advantages in using PvE trinkets, this is gone now. Especially because there is now a bonus for the double PvP-trinket, which gives you more resilience and, especially as a rogue, you want that bonus. 

Get the PvP gear and for the off pieces, go for:

– Prowess Necklace.
– Prowess Cloak.
– Alcarity Bracers.
– Cruelty Belt.
– Cruelty Treads.

For your trinket, best would be Medallion of Cruelty and Insigna of Conquest (the trinket that procs by itself), especially if you have engineering and can use Synapse Spring on your gloves, since it will give you an extra trinket. Of course, if you are a human, you can disregard the Medallion of Cruelty.



For the red sockets, you will want +160 Agility gems (Delicate Primordial Ruby).

In the blue sockets, use the purple gem: Assassin’s Imperial Amethyst (80 Agility-80 PvP-Power).

For the yellow sockets, go for Adept Vermilion Onyx (80 Agility – 160 Mastery).

In your meta-socket, use the Agile Primal Diamond (216 Agility – 3% Crit) unless you are doing some PvE and can get your hand on the legendary rogue gem: Capacitive Primal Diamond (324 Crit).



– Shoulders: Greater Tiger Claw (200 Agility – 100 Crit).
– Cloak: Superior Critical Strike (180 Crit).
– Chest: Glorious Stats (+80 all stats) if you are defensive, but if you are playing very offensively, you will prefer to go for the Super Resilience enchant (200 Resilience).
– Bracers: Greater Agility (180 Agility).
– Gloves: Superior Mastery (170 Mastery).
– Belt: Belt Buckle with a Delicate Primordial Ruby in it (160 Agility).
– Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor (285 Agility – 165 Crit).
– Feet: Blurred Speed (140 Agility – increased movement speed).
– Main hand weapon: Dancing Steel (sometimes +1650 Agility).
– Off hand weapon: Living Steel Weapon Chain (200 Expertise – reducing of Disarm effects by 50%). Personally, I don’t mind being disarmed that much so I rather use Dancing Steel on both weapons.

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