[Video] Giving Away 110,000 Gold

I’m a huge fan of Tarou. Not only does this guy know a few tricks about making gold in the most interesting and funny ways, he’s also loving PvP. And he’s horde. What is there not to love?

In this video he’s giving away 110,000 gold, but that’s not the point I want to make. I mean… Everybody can give away 110K gold, right? No? Well, I guess not.

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Anyway, the point is that you should look at people’s reaction. And think about your own reactions.

There is a huge connection between gold in World of Warcraft and money in the real world.

Are you stingy and greedy in-game? Then you’re probably poor in-game. And probably in your real life, too.

Are you giving, letting it flow, in-game? Then you’re probably not worrying too much about gold… er… money in your real life. You have enough.

But take a look. Notice the people calling him a douchebag for giving away gold. Notice the skeptics. Notice the greedy ones wanting more. Trying to scam him into giving more.

Think about how you would react if somebody gave you gold.

Here’s the video… Watch it, and then go and do some PvP or something.

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