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Two “Must Have” to Help You Farm on PvP-Realms

Spy in action

(07/04-2015) –  Farming can be dangerous if you are on a PvP or RPPvP realm. On every realm, you have people known as gankers: Originally, ganking was when people were more than one attacking a player from the opposite faction (from the words “gang killing”), but nowadays, it refers mostly to higher level killing lower level (today’s gang-killing is mostly called “zerging”).

However, even if you don’t get ganked, you might get caught into PvP and it is not always interesting. I mean, when I am farming ores or flowers, I don’t really have time to waste on PvP’ing. I’d rather let him have one spot and I fly or ride to another location.

Therefore, the little add-on known as Spy, is a great help.

You can find this add-on on Curse, right here =>

This add-on scans for enemy players and announces their presence when they are detected. If the player is fighting a mob, for example, Spy will attempt to determine the class, race and level of the player.

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How to Get Your PvP Gear Fast

Tumblr m5ij0b90hQ1r9n04yo1 400

Much too many players still go in battleground with PvE gear on and they still believe that PvE gear is the way to go in PvP.

Well, bad news, it is not always so! iLevel doesn’t do it for skills anyway, and  I can assure you, that in battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds, it is not the case. You will penalize your team by wearing exclusively PvE gear.

There is now, place for a bit of PvE gear in battleground, but very little and even though there is now a base resilience of 65%, some players (for example paladins or any other tank) will have a big advantage in keeping stacking resilience. Now more than ever. Same thing with healers.

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The Fastest Way to Get Outside of Undercity

Orb of translocation

I like Undercity, but it can be somewhat annoying to get from point A to point B in that city.

Scorpyo made a video that shows you how to find your way around Undercity.

But even with the help of that video, it takes time to get from the portal and to the outside of the city where you can fly freely.

Let me ask you a question: What do you normally do if you’re in the main city, near all the portals, and you’re supposed to go to the zeppelin that will take you to Howling Fjord?

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Pet or Not?

Pet or not?

Last time, when I was talking to Nimrasil, we were talking about pets. She loves pets. I don’t care much. I do have many of them, though, and I do think that some of them are cute, but… It is not really something that interests me. 

I have an add-on which is taking a random pet out, and I was speaking about that. 

– Yes, I said, I don’t have it activated on Scorpyo, because she is a Night Elf. 

There were several seconds of silence at the other end. Maybe she was fighting a mob or something?

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Keep Your Chat Box Clean

Chat settingsOh, sorry… I didn’t see that you just got an achievement for reaching level 90.

Oh? Hello! No, I didn’t see you come online. I was just crafting 100 bolts of cloth…

Have you ever been in similar situations?

I know that I have. Many times. Well, until last night those were very familiar situations for me.

Last night Scorpyo gave me a good tip to how I could move loots and similar text from the chat box to their own tab. So here goes…

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