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WoW Tips and Tricks that makes you go “LOL”

Sylvanas’ Legacy

I love to see interpretations of events in World of Warcraft’s lore.

Here is a new name in the machinima’s world: Jaley Muffinz. He decided to make a machinima of one of my favorite characters in the lore (if not my favorite character): Sylvanas.

The story, in case you don’t know it, in short, goes like this: Sylvanas Windrunner defends the forests of Quel’thelas from Arthas as long as she can.

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World of Warcraft Stereotypes


A very funny video about the most common classes and their stereotypes. We find the paladin, and his bubbles, the rogue, the mage, the priest, the hunter and many others.

We all get the knife in this video. Extremely good!

[Video] – World of WifeCraft

An oldie but a goodie (it was made at the end of the Burning Crusade’s time). Husbands go to therapy so they pay more attention to their wife and the relationship they have. The wife becomes a level 70 wife… And husbands have to wait until they reach level 40 to… “mount”. Neat trick: if the wife doesn’t want to play WoW, then the relationship has to become WoW.


[Video] Giving Away 110,000 Gold

I’m a huge fan of Tarou. Not only does this guy know a few tricks about making gold in the most interesting and funny ways, he’s also loving PvP. And he’s horde. What is there not to love?

In this video he’s giving away 110,000 gold, but that’s not the point I want to make. I mean… Everybody can give away 110K gold, right? No? Well, I guess not.

Anyway, the point is that you should look at people’s reaction. And think about your own reactions.

There is a huge connection between gold in World of Warcraft and money in the real world.

Are you stingy and greedy in-game? Then you’re probably poor in-game. And probably in your real life, too.

Are you giving, letting it flow, in-game? Then you’re probably not worrying too much about gold… er… money in your real life. You have enough.

But take a look. Notice the people calling him a douchebag for giving away gold. Notice the skeptics. Notice the greedy ones wanting more. Trying to scam him into giving more.

Think about how you would react if somebody gave you gold.

Here’s the video… Watch it, and then go and do some PvP or something.

Kill Two Dwarves

Seriously! This is an awesome video.

My friend Darhkan, who should get back to WoW, soon, instead of doing other things, sent me this video, and I loved it immediately.

I mean… what’s there not to love?

It’s short, funny, and I totally agree with the message in it. Spend 20 seconds to listen to this, and then make it your mantra.

World of Warcraft Halloween Costumes

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to dress up as your favorite World of Warcraft character, you have it now. Why not get a World of Warcraft Halloween costume? I can assure you that even though you’re not shaped as a blood elf, or your ears are not as long and pretty as a night elf’s, there’s hope for you. I have just the costume you’ll need.

World of Warcraft Halloween Masks

There’s a mask for every race and then some, if you want to dress up as a WoW character. Even a murlock! Take a look at this nice collection of masks. Every one of them is clickable, so you can click on the image and find out more about the mask and or buy it:

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We Don’t Need No Blood Elf Pallys

Lehiya - my Blood Elf Paladin

Today, I want to talk to you about a video which didn’t have much success and isn’t very known but, once you have seen it, you never forget it. 

It is a video from April 2007. The Burning Crusade was about to go live and the new race, Blood Elves, were a reality. And with the Blood Elves, the paladin came to the Horde (and the Shaman, with the Draenei, came to the Alliance). 

The thing was that the Horde did NOT want neither Blood Elves, and especially not the paladin. So players made a protest video of horde marching and singing, on the melody of the Wall a song called “Another Poor Bubble Boy”.

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