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WoW Tips and Tricks that will make playing World of Warcraft either easier or more fun.

Share Your Achievements and More with Your Real ID Friends and Guildies


When Blizzard invented the Real ID, it made me really happy, because that meant I could keep in contact with friends from other realms or even factions.

But, alas, unless you were in a guild with them, you couldn’t share your achievements with them. And friends are often more willing to “grats” you than guildies…

While I was searching for something completely different, I stumbled upon a nice addon that made it possible to share the good news with friends all over Azeroth.

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The Fastest Way to Get Outside of Undercity

Orb of translocation

I like Undercity, but it can be somewhat annoying to get from point A to point B in that city.

Scorpyo made a video that shows you how to find your way around Undercity.

But even with the help of that video, it takes time to get from the portal and to the outside of the city where you can fly freely.

Let me ask you a question: What do you normally do if you’re in the main city, near all the portals, and you’re supposed to go to the zeppelin that will take you to Howling Fjord?

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World of Warcraft on Private Servers


Most players are so called “retail” players. These are players who pay a monthly fee to play World of Warcraft on Blizzard’s servers. Other players prefer to play on “private servers”.

I stopped to play WoW right before Cataclysm was released, after patch 4.0 was released. I didn’t like the change Blizzard made to the game, and it was so terribly buggy that it was impossible for me to play. The game was freezing every ten seconds (no, it is not an expression!).

I went to Age of Conan, that I played a year or so, next Rift for a few months, after that Star Wars the Old Republic for a few weeks, and then I found some interesting private WoW servers. A Burning Crusade server which worked pretty well and had a decent population and later, a Wrath of the Lich King server with very high population: Molten.

But what are those private servers?

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Normal or PvP ?


At the moment, I have twelve level 90 and two very close to 90 (one level 87 and one level 88). There are Horde and Alliance, and they are on different servers, PvP as well as PvE realms. 

While I was speaking with some other players, I found out that many of them don’t really know the difference between a Normal, a RPPvP server and a PvP server. Obviously, when they had to choose a server, most people have followed Blizzard’s recommendation and just clicked on a server where they saw “recommended” beside.

On the other hand, when you start playing, you don’t know the servers from each other. You don’t necessarily know which one has good reputation, which has a bad reputation. It will demand that you go on Google and check the different servers and that will be a lot of work for a less than useful result.

One of the things that is important, though, is whether you want to play on a Normal — PvE– PvP or Role Playing Server. 

And what does all that mean? What are the differences between these servers?

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Keep Your Chat Box Clean

Chat settingsOh, sorry… I didn’t see that you just got an achievement for reaching level 90.

Oh? Hello! No, I didn’t see you come online. I was just crafting 100 bolts of cloth…

Have you ever been in similar situations?

I know that I have. Many times. Well, until last night those were very familiar situations for me.

Last night Scorpyo gave me a good tip to how I could move loots and similar text from the chat box to their own tab. So here goes…

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Keep Track of Your Inventory and Professions with Carbonite Addon (part 5)


Now, which of your characters have any copper ore?

You’re in desperate need of some, and the prices in the auction house are through the roof. You know that one of your chars mined a lot of copper when she was lvl 15, but you don’t remember who it was.

Carbonite can help you find it.

The Carbonite Addon is also useful, if you want to check the enchants your enchanter can make, while you’re online with your jewel-crafter.

You can even check the last content you saw in the guild bank…

These are one of the many useful functions in Carbonite that I love.

And they are so easy to reach. You just need to right click on the C next to your minimap, choose “Show Warehouse” and then click “All” at the top and do a search for the item you want to find.

As you can see, you can even link to professions and share them in chat.

Carbonite Addon as Gathering Guide (part 3)

If you have gathering professions like mining and herbalism, you might want to learn the fastest and most effective way to gather nodes.

While you’re questing, you’ve probably fund mining nodes or herbal nodes. But when it comes to gathering a lot, either to sell or to use for crafting professions, it will take too long to work that way.

So you’ve probably searched for places to farm, and you’ve seen pictures of maps with drawings, outlining where you could find what you were looking for.

That is all good, of course, but can you imagine how much better it would be to have an arrow on your screen pointing you to your next mining node or herbalism node?

This is just one of the many features Carbonite offers. I use it all the time, when I’m out farming, and it allows me to find all the nodes available in that area plus free me up to chat with friends and guildies.

It’s very easy to set up, once you have Carbonite installed.

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Flight Path Help – How to Find the Place to Fly To in WoW


Have you ever found yourself staring at the map, not being able to find the spot you wanted to fly to? 

I have. Many times. I used to mouse over all the spots until I found the right one. Then I would click it and go.

That was until Scorpyo told me that there was a much easier way.

If you look at the map, when you’ve clicked on a flight master, then you’ll notice an arrow to the top right. Click on this arrow, and you’ll see all nearby places written as text.

Now you can easily find the place you were searching for, and when you click on the name, off you go. 

So keep your feet on the grrrrrrrround (stupid dwarf comment when you’re about to take off).

Carbonite Addon as Quest Helper (part 2)


Blizzard made it easier to quest, when they started to add legends to the map, showing where you could expect to find the mobs or complete the quests. 

Carbonite is still a valuable addon and a quest helper I wouldn’t want to be without. And in this second part of the Carbonite series (you can see part 1, the settings here), I will tell you how you can use Carbonite to facilitate your questing. 

Carbonite will show the quests you’re tracking in a panel. I use Alt+L to see the quests I’m on in Carbonite, and if I don’t want to track a quest, I just deselect it on the quest list. Then it will no longer show up in the panel. 

You can make it show up to 25 quests at a time, both new quests, old quests and completed quests.

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