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Blizzard Sues Bossland for $8.5 Million

Activision-Blizzard is sueing the German makers of WoW cheat software Bossland for trafficking in circumvention devices, Inducement to infringe copyright, contributory copyright infringement, vicarious copyright infringement, Intentional interference with contractual relations and unfair competition.

The resume of the lawsuit is:

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Booster Leveling Guide from Dynasty – A Review

Banner booster

Website reviewed: Dynasty’s Booster

Dynasty offers four add ons: A leveling guide (Booster), a talent building guide (Edge), a key bind and macros add-on (Impulse) and a gold add on (Tycoon). We have tested all these products and here is our review of one of them, Booster, the leveling guide.

There is an updated review of Edge here. Our review of the two other products, Impulse and Tycoon are from the old version and are obsolete. We are making new reviews right now.

This review is about the leveling guide 1-100, Booster.

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Edge from Dynasty – A Review


Website reviewed: Dynasty’s Edge

One of Dynasty’s add on is called Edge. It is an in-game advisor about talents, glyphs and rotations.

According to Dynasty, Edge is a personal talent and glyph advisor, and it works in three easy steps:

1. Select your class.
Done! I chose my mage, whom I just double spec’ed to try the product.

2. Choose what you want to do.
Done. Since they don’t have “kill dwarves”, I chose the next best: “PvP”.

3. Pick your spec.
Done. Since my other talent tree is frost, I chose “fire”

And then…

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Trivial Pursuit World of Warcraft Edition Review – For Lore Experts Only?

World of warcraft trivial pursuit

I’ve enjoyed many a good game of Trivial Pursuit when the first edition came out 25 years or so ago… So when I discovered that there now is a World of Warcraft edition, it immediately grabbed my attention.

If you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably asked yourself some questions about the quality of the game, and how much fun it is. Stuff like that. So I did some research and discovered some interesting facts.

Six Categories – Just Like the Original Game

The World of Warcraft edition covers six categories, just like the original game, and these are: Geography (Locations), Player Characters, Lore, Loot (Items), Enemies, Encounters.

You get a “cheese” to put in your “cheese holder,” just like you did in the old game.

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EBook 505

My rating: 5 stars – Website reviewed:’s World of Warcraft Gold Guide

I came to this guide because I am a member of the Stormspire-forum, which is a forum related to different add-ons I am using and in which, members are discussing gold-making. 

I was so satisfied with the forum, that I wanted to support them and this was a way to do it. 

The guide is coming with a premium subscription to the forum. The guide in itself, at the moment, costs $27 and $10 quarterly until you choose to cancel your subscription (which is easily done through PayPal). 

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Review of Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide


My rating: 2 stars – Website reviewed: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

Did you ever want more gold in World of Warcraft?

Maybe to buy that caravan mount, or the bejeweled onyx panther? Or that cute level 25 blue battle-pet?

Or maybe you just want to be able to fly as fast as possible…

Everything in WoW cost gold. And lots of it. So you’re in constant need of making money. And that can feel rather stressful sometimes.

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Impulse of Manaview – A Review


My rating: 2 stars – Website reviewed: Manaview’s Impulse

Impulse is the fourth and last add-on in the add-on suite of Manaview.

According to Manaview, too many people are using the mouse to click their ability instead of using the keyboard and key binding.

Impulse can change that: It is a kind of automated system, which will reconfigure the key bindings on your keyboard (you still have to force yourself to stop using your mouse to click abilities, though).

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Skill-Capped – A Review


My rating: 5 stars –  Website reviewed: Skill-Capped

Now, I was playing WoW from a bit before Wrath of the Lich King went out until Cataclysm. I actually got the patch 4.0 which was so buggy, so I couldn’t even fly in Northrend: I was disconnected every 10 seconds (and NO, this is not just an expression) and couldn’t get back in, so I had to ask a Game Master to help me… In this case, they put me back in Stormwind or in Shattrath, I had to HS to Dalaran and try to fly again… And disconnect… These and other technical problems did that I canceled my account right before Cataclysm went live. 

I only came back in December 2012 and even though I had canceled my account, my girls weren’t deleted. I found all my nine level 80 and my level 78 plus the myriad of low levels I had. 

But… Many things changed. The talent system was very very different. The stats used were very very different. I never heard of Mastery before, for example and PvP Power? What’s that? So my Death Knight, for instance, was filled with Strength enchants and gems and all…

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Tycoon from Manaview – A Review

Manaview - Tycoon

My rating: 2 stars – Website reviewed: Manaview’s Edge

In the Manaview suite, you also have the possibility to buy the Gold-making add on: Tycoon. Tycoon costs $37. 

According to Manaview, there are only three easy steps to follow to become rich: 1) Choose your gold method from Farming, Crafting, Gathering, or Playing the AH. 2) Scan the AH and Tycoon will reveal the best way to make the most gold in the least amount of time based on your server’s economy. 3) Tycoon will provide powerful tools to speed up the gold making process. 

Does it work? I have tested it for several weeks.

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20k Leveling guide – Review


My rating: 5 stars – Website reviewed: Markco’s 20K Leveling Guide

Markco has been around with his gold guide, 20k Leveling Guide, for a long time. He announces it proudly on his front page: 

“Wow legend, Gladiator Markco, has been making millions of gold since before you were gathering peacebloom and slaying boars in Durotar…” 

Fact is, that we have been customers, or rather “subscribers” to his gold guide since Wrath of the Lich King, and even then, he had been around for quite a while. 

Once upon a time, his gold guide was a precious advice. At the opposite of other gold guides, which will tell you: Buy this, farm that, sell this, sell that, Markco is teaching you the principles and the basic of WoW economics and includes very important details. 

When you buy the guide, you get access to a “subscriber area” in which you can read different guides and see videos. 

The guides are not only about gold, but also about PvP, Battlegrounds, etc. 

The price for this is of $37 (down from $47, even though I never saw it at $47), and you get lifetime memberships. 

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