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WoW Tips and Tricks about making gold in World of Warcraft.

What to Do With Honor Points?

5 honors

When the new season starts, no problems. Most players use the honor points they get from battleground or from killing players to upgrade their gear (or buy it).

However, when the season is well advanced, and when you are geared, the question shows up on forums, in trade-chat, in guild-chat and everywhere else:

“What can I do with my honor points?”

Here are some ideas:

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To Make Gold? Sell Kits


Now, we have all tried to start an alt, or to change profession and having to start at scratch. 

One way to make a nice bunch of gold is to help people doing that by gathering mats for them and by selling the whole bundle as a “profession kit”. 

The best way to do that is by getting a guide for level 1-600 from the net (I use the Goblin’s guide myself, you can find it here), add a few percent: If it says you will need 150 mithril bar, for example, mine 160 or 170 when you are at it (the difference in time isn’t much). 

You can gather the items, of course, but you can also buy them in AH if they are not too expensive. 

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What About Earning 1,000 Gold in 3 Minutes?

When people want to make gold, they generally think big or go mining for hours or so. It is a way to do it, but not the only way to do it. 

Since my AH characters are level one, and since I like challenges, well, I want also to make them work and get gold without doing much. 

In fact, with an investment of around 7 gold, without leaving Ironforge, you can make around 1,000 gold in a few minutes.

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From Honor to Gold For an Enchanter


Now, especially at the end of the season, you might be regularly honor capped (4,000 honor points). And when you have all the gear you can have, when you have the heirlooms and heirlooms upgrade you need, you might regularly be speculating about what to use this honor. 

Many buy enchanting mats for honor. 

That is okay, but that is a waste of honor points. There are a couple of things you can do that are much more profitable.

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Go Around Thunder Bluff and Earn 1,000 Gold

It is not only Alliance which has a supply route. Horde has it too. Best is Thunderbluff. Here too, you can just go around, buy some limited supplies at the vendor and sell them expensive on the AH. Not too expensive, otherwise, you will not sell. As a rule of thumb: Never be too greedy. Always be fair.

Here is the route. I put the name of the vendor, the place and the price I will recommand you to use when you sell. Please note that 1) Since these things are limited supplies, the vendor might not have when you pass by and 2) the AH price I give are indicative, they might be lower (rarely higher) on your realm. It depends on how many there are, how interested people are in them, how many competitors you have and how big the population on your server are… Lot of things go into play. If you buy all the things in the list, you are going to spend about 70g (but only 7g if you don’t buy the bags), so even though you might not sell everything (at once), it is not the end of the world.

You will not sell everything and it might take a week or so before some of the things get sold. Be patient.

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Easy Cross Faction Trading

Laylael waterlogged

Cross faction deals can make you a lot of gold. But maybe you’ve wondered how you could get goods from one faction to the other? 

Since you cannot mail items from Horde to Alliance or the other way around, and since the auction houses are either for Alliance or Horde, not both, you have to use the neutral auction houses. 

That used to take a lot of work, because there are only three neutral auction houses, and you don’t exactly find them in the low-level areas.

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Making Gold on a Low Population Server


It is pretty easy to make gold on a high population server. There are so many players that anyone needs almost anything and anything can be sold to almost any price.

Even though you can make gold on a low population server, it is more difficult. You have to use another tactic. 

First of all, you can forget the idea of making ten thousands of gold a day, like you can (or should be able to) on a high population server. You have to work in other ways. 

I have several characters on both low and high population servers, and I have seen and experienced the differences. Instead of complaining (and moving), I tried to understand the way things move and work on a low population server and how I can make gold. 
Now, you have to understand one crucial thing about low population server: They generally don’t attract new players. The players who are there, are players who have been here for years, and might have an army of alts. So you can forget the niche markets at all. 
Second thing: There are fewer potential buyers (logical!) so, again, forget niche products. Forget transmog sets, etc. This will not have any interest.

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Woof! Woof!


Do you use the trade channel a lot? Are you tired of repeating the same thing or having to use a macro, make new macros or press <arrow up> and <ALT>?

Well, in this case, Woof is the add-on for you.

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Dominate your AH


If you are fond of AH, like I am, you know your prices. At least, the prices of the most common things you sell and buy, so you can quickly get a bargain.

For this, you can use different add-ons like Auctioneer or Auctionator (or both) which are the most popular (not my favorite but I will speak about that in a later article). 

There is one more tool that is really important and that very few people use. A tool which keeps an eye on all the Auctions Houses in the World of Warcraft (US and EU): Horde, Alliance and Neutral.

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