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The Darkmoon Faire Got a Facelift. See The New Toys

Firebird's challenge

(03/11-2014) – The Darkmoon Faire is in town the first week out of every month. Not much unknown in that, that’s right.

If you are used to go to Darkmoon Faire, you will notice some changes and there are more to come. If you are not used to go to Darkmoon Faire, you’d better get used to it. It is a must and there is a lot of exciting stuff in there.

First of all, you can gain +5 in each of your profession by doing very easy quests (plus eventually xp’s). This works for every primary and every secondary profession. These quest are non repeatable (on the same Darkmoon Faire; you will be able to make them again the month after).

Then there are dailies… And with patch 6.0.2, there are more dailies than before.

The quests, all the quests, dailies or not, reward you with one or more Darkmoon Prize Tickets. This is a currency used in Darkmoon Faire. With that, you can buy mounts, battle-pets, pets, heirlooms, transmog sets and many other things.

Remember that, when you have been to your first Darkmoon Faire and got your “Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide”, you can collect items from dead players in PvP or from bosses, that you can hand in to different NPC’s in the Faire. In return, you get additional Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

In the new Back Market Auction House (which has moved from Pandaria to Nagrand), you can buy the Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack which contains from 400 to 500 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

From now on, the level 85 upgraded heirlooms are only on sale in Dakrmoon Faire, as well as shields and off hands. So if you need those, don’t miss it!

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Make Fast Gold with Lucky Charm Bracelets in the Love is in the Air World Event

Lucky charms farming

You can buy a mount and sell it during the Love is in the Air world event, and you can create lucky charm bracelets and trade them for gold – or trade them for love tokens to buy the mount with.

Whether you will focus on questing to get the mount, or you’ll go into bracelet trading, it’s a great help to know where you can farm those bracelets quickly.

I’ve been using this area to farm all my bracelets during this world event, and today I timed myself. I created 78 charms during 15 minutes, corresponding to 312 charms per hours, which again means 31 bracelets and then some.

These bracelets can be traded for gold. Look out for buyers on the Trade channel. I know that some buyers will pay 25 gold per bracelet. This would turn out to be 775 gold per hour, which isn’t a fortune, but then again, it’s easy money, and you can farm the charms while you’re waiting in queue for a battleground.

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Get a Mount for Your Level One Character (or lvl 19)

Zahav, level 1, on her mountCan you imagine the look on people’s face when they watch your level 1 bank alt ride from the mail box to the auction house in style?

Or how about doing a battleground with your level 10 char, making everybody else jealous when you ride instead of walk?

There are two ways you can obtain a mount for your lower than level 20 chars. One cost money, and the other cost time.

Get the Saltwater Snapjaw Turtle Loot Card

You can buy this loot card from Amazon or eBay for around $100. Maybe less, if you make a good bargain.

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Kor’kron Juggernaut Mount


New raid, new mount. 

With patch 5.4 comes the new raid: The Siege of Orgrimmar. 

The Siege of Orgrimmar is a 4-wing, 14-boss raid for max-level players, which will call you to take down Warchief Garrosh Hellscream at the head of a host of Azeroth’s finest.

You’ll battle from the devastated Vale of Eternal Blossoms and through a full-blown siege of the mighty gates of Orgrimmar, ultimately raiding Garrosh’s lair in the smoldering depths of Ragefire Chasm.

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Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent


You might have seen this beautiful mount, the Onyx Cloud Serpent. But how do you get it? 

Well, in fact, it is ridiculously easy, and became even easier after patch 5.3. 

Before you can get this mount, you have to be exalted with the Shado Pan. You will find the quest giver of the faction in Townlong Steppes, in Shado Pan Garrison (right between the two entrances to Isle of Thunder) 

Originally, you needed to be Revered with the Golden Lotus before the dailies of Shado Pan unlocked. This prerequisite has been removed as of patch 5.3. It is not needed anymore. Everyone can just fly to the Shado Pan Garrison and find the dailies. 

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Speed-exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent

Scorps exalteret01 04 2013 00 25 44

I know, I know, I already told you about the eggs to speed up your way to exalted with the Cloud Serpent. 

Remember them, especially if you previously have a character who got reputation there, to buy the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent. It can be bought from the moment you are revered and unlocks a 100 % bonus reputation for all your characters (also those from other factions and on other realms).

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Let the Mantids Help You

If you are doing archeology, you might want to go for a special artifact. It can be some bound on account gear or a nice mount: The fossilized raptor or Vial of the Sands, for instance. 

There are different ways to speed this up, actually. 

One of them is to dig in Pandaria and to use these restored artifacts to buy crates from Brann Bronzebeard, like Nimrasil explains in this tip

But you can speed it up even more.

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A Faster Route to “Vial of the Sands”


Who isn’t dreaming about uncovering this dusty old recipe from an ancient canopic jar from Uldum?

Well, the problem is that Blizzard made it very difficult indeed to get this recipe that makes you able to brew a concoction that turns you into a dragon.

First, you have to raise your skills in archeology to at least 525.

Next, you have to be an alchemist to use the recipe, should you find it.

And that’s no easy task, because you would have to find one of the 2% of the jars that contains the recipe. And first you have to find the jar – it shows up rarely. Oh, and before you can get the jar, you must have a dig site in Uldum, and that happens rarely.

There is one secret, though, that can make it a tiny bit easier for you to find the recipe. And I’ll tell you what that is.

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How to Get the Cloud Serpent Mount

BlackScorpyo on her Cloud Serpent

You might have seen people on those mounts throughout Azeroth. They are indeed very cool and nice. Even with riding at 310 %, you kind of feel you are slowly gliding through the air. 

They are, in fact, very easy to get. My first mount took me a couple of days of grinding (maybe three because there were some things I had to find out) and for my other toons, it took me less than 8 hours. And it was on a very populated server with a lot of competition. 

Before you can ride this mount, you need to have learnt the Cloud Serpent Riding ability. And you can only get it by becoming exalted with the order of the Cloud serpent.

That means that, even though all your toons have this mount in common, only those who have the Cloud Serpent Riding ability will be able to use it.

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