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WoW Tips and Tricks about Companion Pets in World of Warcraft

The Darkmoon Faire Got a Facelift. See The New Toys

Firebird's challenge

(03/11-2014) – The Darkmoon Faire is in town the first week out of every month. Not much unknown in that, that’s right.

If you are used to go to Darkmoon Faire, you will notice some changes and there are more to come. If you are not used to go to Darkmoon Faire, you’d better get used to it. It is a must and there is a lot of exciting stuff in there.

First of all, you can gain +5 in each of your profession by doing very easy quests (plus eventually xp’s). This works for every primary and every secondary profession. These quest are non repeatable (on the same Darkmoon Faire; you will be able to make them again the month after).

Then there are dailies… And with patch 6.0.2, there are more dailies than before.

The quests, all the quests, dailies or not, reward you with one or more Darkmoon Prize Tickets. This is a currency used in Darkmoon Faire. With that, you can buy mounts, battle-pets, pets, heirlooms, transmog sets and many other things.

Remember that, when you have been to your first Darkmoon Faire and got your “Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide”, you can collect items from dead players in PvP or from bosses, that you can hand in to different NPC’s in the Faire. In return, you get additional Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

In the new Back Market Auction House (which has moved from Pandaria to Nagrand), you can buy the Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack which contains from 400 to 500 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

From now on, the level 85 upgraded heirlooms are only on sale in Dakrmoon Faire, as well as shields and off hands. So if you need those, don’t miss it!

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Get the Firefly Pet

Firefly v6052

If you are a pet collector, you might be interested in the Firefly Pet.

It is a very cute pet, that you can find in Zangramarsh, on Outland.

It is a very easy pet to farm… if you are patient.

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Get The Tiny Emerald Whelpling

Tiny Emerald Whelpling

The Tiny Emerald Whelpling is a very cute pet which can be farmed.

Now, have in mind that it might take an average of 1,000 kills (but that, of course, you can have it in one of your first kills).

All you have to do is to kill the Noxious Whelps in north-east Feralas (close to the border of Desolace), one of them will eventually drop the whelpling. 

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How to Get Mr. Grubbs


Mr. Grubbs is a maggot pet and he is actually very easy to get, especially if you have a high level.

First of all, you will need to head to the Eastern Plaguelands. Most precisely passed the bridge that joins the Western and Eastern Plaguelands.

On the Eastern Plaguelands side of the bridge, on your right, you’ll see a female Worgen named Fiona.

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Get the Terrible Turnip Pet


You might have seen people with this pet, the Terrible Turnip (mine is called “Ivan”, because “Ivan the Terrible”).

If you want it, don’t bother buying it on AH. It is very easy to get for free. 

The only thing you have to do is to go to Halfhill village that you will find in the center (almost) of Valley of the Four Winds on Pandaria (you will have to be level 85 at least). 

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World of Warcraft Pets

Just like everywhere else, pets are popular in WoW. So, what are World of Warcraft pets? And how do you get them?

When I first started out playing WoW, I noticed that some people would have a cat running after them. Others had a bird flying near them. I checked every store in Stormwind to find the pet vendor, but found none. Finally, I noticed a man, who had a cute white kitten beside him in the bank, and I gathered all my courage to ask him, how he got it.

He didn’t tell me how he got his World of Warcraft pets, but he offered me a snake, saying he was “sick and tired of it”. I didn’t understand what he meant at that point.

Somebody told me that I could find pets in the auction house (AH), and I searched, but found only some cat cages, and since I didn’t know where to go and catch the cats, I didn’t want to waste gold on those.

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Which Is the Best Hunter’s Pet to Have?

As a hunter, you can tame a pet that will help you killing NPC’s or other players. Many beasts are tameable, like spiders, cats, wolves, birds, and if you are specced in the beastmastery talent tree, you can even tame some cool looking spectral pets.

One of my friends send me this question: “I have had a cat for ages. Do different cats/pets have different stats that could improve dps? If so whats the best pet to have?

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WoW Pets – How to get a Special Chicken

WoW Companions - How to get a Special Westphal ChickenWoW companions are facinating, as opposed to pets, everybody can have one or several.

If you would like a rare companion that it’s not possible to buy in Auction House, check here, how you get a cute little white chicken, almost for free.

You will even have fun getting it.

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