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WoW tips and tricks about PvP in World of Warcraft

Two “Must Have” to Help You Farm on PvP-Realms

Spy in action

(07/04-2015) –  Farming can be dangerous if you are on a PvP or RPPvP realm. On every realm, you have people known as gankers: Originally, ganking was when people were more than one attacking a player from the opposite faction (from the words “gang killing”), but nowadays, it refers mostly to higher level killing lower level (today’s gang-killing is mostly called “zerging”).

However, even if you don’t get ganked, you might get caught into PvP and it is not always interesting. I mean, when I am farming ores or flowers, I don’t really have time to waste on PvP’ing. I’d rather let him have one spot and I fly or ride to another location.

Therefore, the little add-on known as Spy, is a great help.

You can find this add-on on Curse, right here =>

This add-on scans for enemy players and announces their presence when they are detected. If the player is fighting a mob, for example, Spy will attempt to determine the class, race and level of the player.

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What to Do With Honor Points?

5 honors

When the new season starts, no problems. Most players use the honor points they get from battleground or from killing players to upgrade their gear (or buy it).

However, when the season is well advanced, and when you are geared, the question shows up on forums, in trade-chat, in guild-chat and everywhere else:

“What can I do with my honor points?”

Here are some ideas:

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How to Get Your PvP Gear Fast

Tumblr m5ij0b90hQ1r9n04yo1 400

Much too many players still go in battleground with PvE gear on and they still believe that PvE gear is the way to go in PvP.

Well, bad news, it is not always so! iLevel doesn’t do it for skills anyway, and  I can assure you, that in battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds, it is not the case. You will penalize your team by wearing exclusively PvE gear.

There is now, place for a bit of PvE gear in battleground, but very little and even though there is now a base resilience of 65%, some players (for example paladins or any other tank) will have a big advantage in keeping stacking resilience. Now more than ever. Same thing with healers.

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Pet or Not?

Pet or not?

Last time, when I was talking to Nimrasil, we were talking about pets. She loves pets. I don’t care much. I do have many of them, though, and I do think that some of them are cute, but… It is not really something that interests me. 

I have an add-on which is taking a random pet out, and I was speaking about that. 

– Yes, I said, I don’t have it activated on Scorpyo, because she is a Night Elf. 

There were several seconds of silence at the other end. Maybe she was fighting a mob or something?

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Ganking, Bluewall, Gray-kill, Camping… and PvP


“A Horde just ganked me”, “I hate campers”, “He wasn’t able to gray-kill me, that nab!”… This are the kind of sentences you might sometimes read in chat. But what do they mean? And are they all right? Are there rules for PvP in World of Warcraft? 

First, you have to be familiar with the Blizzard expression of “griefing”. We use this expression when a player is ruining the gaming experience of another player on purpose: Stalking a player (following him for no reason, whispering insults, repeatedly sending invitations that they decline, etc.) is forbidden by Blizzard. 

Now, Ganking, Bluewalling, camping, etc., are not (without a few exceptions) considered as griefing by Blizzard and a Game Master will not do anything if you complain about that. Let’s see in details these expressions and what they mean.

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PvP-Power or Primary Stat?


The last couple of patches, there has been a lot of discussion about PvP-power or primary stat (strength, agility, intellect, spirit) in PvP. For some reason, Blizzard who introduced PvP-Power with Mist of Pandaria let it live a couple of patches before they made drastic changes to it.

But what is it worth today, in PvP for damaging classes?

Problem is, that people misunderstand Blizzard when they say that PvP power gives a bonus to your damage.

PvP power is not increasing the damage you produce at all. It increases the damage a PvP target receives by reducing their resilience by an amount equal to your PVPPower in percents.

Let’s put some mathematic behind this:

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How to Talent and Gear for PvP? The Death Knight


Right now (patch 5.4), for PvP, the best specializations for Death Knights are Unholy and Frost. Unholy is superior to Frost in this patch, though. 

There has been minor changes with this patch, so everything is pretty much the same than last season. Things to note are that Ice-Bound fortitude now doesn’t cost anything. Very good thing, and that Death Siphon had its damage increased by 10%. That doesn’t mean much, though so I stick with Conversion as a talent (we will see about them later). 

In this very long tip, we will see the talents to choose (and why), the glyphs to choose (and why), stats priority (and why) and the gems and enchants, which will be best to use in PvP.

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How to Gank Effectively


Now, I am not a ganker myself, but I do not appreciate being ganked and in this case, I note the name of the ganker, put it in my add-on and after that, I do two things: Sooner or later, I will get back with a geared character and I will kill the ganker at least twice or, in case he always is in one of the faction cities, in raid, in dungeon and impossible to come by, I find out of who are his alts (see our tip on wowprogress here about that) and I will find them and gank them.

I generally whisper the person afterwards to give him an explanation; I do not camp him after he has been killed twice. 

It is time that I give some of my tips about ganking, then:

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How to Talent and Gear for PvP? The Rogue


For PvP, the best specialization to go is Subtlety or Assassination. There are many Assassination rogues and they do very well in PvP but in this article, I will explain about the Subtlety specialization. 

Never use Combat specialization in PvP. It is a PvE specialization, and it is not worth anything in PvP. 

In this, very long tip, we will see the talents to choose (and why), the glyphs to choose (and why), stats priority (and why) and the gems and enchants which will be best to use in PvP. 

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