How to Get Your PvP Gear Fast

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Much too many players still go in battleground with PvE gear on and they still believe that PvE gear is the way to go in PvP.

Well, bad news, it is not always so! iLevel doesn’t do it for skills anyway, and  I can assure you, that in battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds, it is not the case. You will penalize your team by wearing exclusively PvE gear.

There is now, place for a bit of PvE gear in battleground, but very little and even though there is now a base resilience of 65%, some players (for example paladins or any other tank) will have a big advantage in keeping stacking resilience. Now more than ever. Same thing with healers.

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World of Warcraft on Private Servers


Most players are so called “retail” players. These are players who pay a monthly fee to play World of Warcraft on Blizzard’s servers. Other players prefer to play on “private servers”.

I stopped to play WoW right before Cataclysm was released, after patch 4.0 was released. I didn’t like the change Blizzard made to the game, and it was so terribly buggy that it was impossible for me to play. The game was freezing every ten seconds (no, it is not an expression!).

I went to Age of Conan, that I played a year or so, next Rift for a few months, after that Star Wars the Old Republic for a few weeks, and then I found some interesting private WoW servers. A Burning Crusade server which worked pretty well and had a decent population and later, a Wrath of the Lich King server with very high population: Molten.

But what are those private servers?

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Pet or Not?

Pet or not?

Last time, when I was talking to Nimrasil, we were talking about pets. She loves pets. I don’t care much. I do have many of them, though, and I do think that some of them are cute, but… It is not really something that interests me. 

I have an add-on which is taking a random pet out, and I was speaking about that. 

– Yes, I said, I don’t have it activated on Scorpyo, because she is a Night Elf. 

There were several seconds of silence at the other end. Maybe she was fighting a mob or something?

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The Fastest Way to Get Outside of Undercity

Orb of translocation

I like Undercity, but it can be somewhat annoying to get from point A to point B in that city.

Scorpyo made a video that shows you how to find your way around Undercity.

But even with the help of that video, it takes time to get from the portal and to the outside of the city where you can fly freely.

Let me ask you a question: What do you normally do if you’re in the main city, near all the portals, and you’re supposed to go to the zeppelin that will take you to Howling Fjord?

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Share Your Achievements and More with Your Real ID Friends and Guildies


When Blizzard invented the Real ID, it made me really happy, because that meant I could keep in contact with friends from other realms or even factions.

But, alas, unless you were in a guild with them, you couldn’t share your achievements with them. And friends are often more willing to “grats” you than guildies…

While I was searching for something completely different, I stumbled upon a nice addon that made it possible to share the good news with friends all over Azeroth.

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Make Fast Gold with Lucky Charm Bracelets in the Love is in the Air World Event

Lucky charms farming

You can buy a mount and sell it during the Love is in the Air world event, and you can create lucky charm bracelets and trade them for gold – or trade them for love tokens to buy the mount with.

Whether you will focus on questing to get the mount, or you’ll go into bracelet trading, it’s a great help to know where you can farm those bracelets quickly.

I’ve been using this area to farm all my bracelets during this world event, and today I timed myself. I created 78 charms during 15 minutes, corresponding to 312 charms per hours, which again means 31 bracelets and then some.

These bracelets can be traded for gold. Look out for buyers on the Trade channel. I know that some buyers will pay 25 gold per bracelet. This would turn out to be 775 gold per hour, which isn’t a fortune, but then again, it’s easy money, and you can farm the charms while you’re waiting in queue for a battleground.

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