Buy Extremely Low in AH

wow gold AHWhether you want to buy low, sell high, or you are looking for things to disenchant or herbs to mill, the way to make the most gold is of course to buy to ridiculously low prices in AH.

And thanks to noobs and this little trick, it’s possible.

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Get The Bloodsail Admiral Title In Two Hours

Warning: When you first have the title “Bloodsail Admiral”, you will not feel welcome in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan or other cities, inhabited by goblins. So make sure you really want this title. It comes with a price tag.

Yesterday evening at 19:30 servertime I met with two friends (who are also guildies) in Booty Bay. Our goal was to start our long journey against the Bloodsail Admiral title, but in little less than two hours, we had it! I have heard people report about days of work, so I thought I would share with you here some tips that can help you getting the title just as fast.

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Easy Win In Mounted Duel In Argent Tournament

Today, I love jousting, and I can fight all the champions without taking health between the fights. I normally have all four marks up, when I turn in the quest. But it has not always been like that.

To begin with, my stats weren’t too good 🙁 I guess for every win, I had to fight at least 10 duels. So at first, I asked my son for advice. Next I went to YouTube to watch and try all the tricks out there. But it didn’t work for me.

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Dungeon Strategy – Get the Good Drops

Get the good drops from dungeonIf you’re using the dungeon finder, you cannot use this neat tip, but if you’re going out on a boost, or have found your own group, you can utilize this trick to get much better loot.

In some dungeons there are bosses that only are there at random. This is the case for Shadowfang Keep, where the boss Deathsworn drop the loot Phantom Armor or Haunting Blade, a very nice sword. ( )

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