Use Sunsong Ranch!

Tse in Sunsong Ranch

Currently, I have several level 90s at my farming disposal, each with their own 16 plot farm which I use every day. Sunsong Ranch is a great way to make a lot of gold pretty quick… If you remember to do it every day <looks in direction of Nimrasil, who is too busy PvP’ing to farm>. 

Since I have all professions, I will give you here an idea of how I do, in the hope of inspiring you. You too, Nim! 

Priest – Alchemist (Transmute Spec)/Jewelcrafter 
My priest is using Bag of Enigma Seeds for the herbs and the Snakeroots for the stones and gems. It is much quicker to get Trillium to prospect from the farm than from flying around farming. Sometimes she goes to make Spirit of harmony instead of stones and herbs and crafts primal diamonds out of it. A very easy and neat way to make from 300 to 400 gold in profit.

From Enigma Seeds, you can get any Pandarian herb, often, you get Golden Lotus (very useful for my stone transmutations). My priest keeps the Golden Lotus and send the other herbs to my scribe to mill and turn into inks. I generally keep the Fool’s Cap too and let my AH-char post them. They are selling very well, especially in week-days.

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World of Warcraft Stereotypes


A very funny video about the most common classes and their stereotypes. We find the paladin, and his bubbles, the rogue, the mage, the priest, the hunter and many others.

We all get the knife in this video. Extremely good!

Normal or PvP ?


At the moment, I have twelve level 90 and two very close to 90 (one level 87 and one level 88). There are Horde and Alliance, and they are on different servers, PvP as well as PvE realms. 

While I was speaking with some other players, I found out that many of them don’t really know the difference between a Normal, a RPPvP server and a PvP server. Obviously, when they had to choose a server, most people have followed Blizzard’s recommendation and just clicked on a server where they saw “recommended” beside.

On the other hand, when you start playing, you don’t know the servers from each other. You don’t necessarily know which one has good reputation, which has a bad reputation. It will demand that you go on Google and check the different servers and that will be a lot of work for a less than useful result.

One of the things that is important, though, is whether you want to play on a Normal — PvE– PvP or Role Playing Server. 

And what does all that mean? What are the differences between these servers?

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Keep Track of Your Inventory and Professions with Carbonite Addon (part 5)


Now, which of your characters have any copper ore?

You’re in desperate need of some, and the prices in the auction house are through the roof. You know that one of your chars mined a lot of copper when she was lvl 15, but you don’t remember who it was.

Carbonite can help you find it.

The Carbonite Addon is also useful, if you want to check the enchants your enchanter can make, while you’re online with your jewel-crafter.

You can even check the last content you saw in the guild bank…

These are one of the many useful functions in Carbonite that I love.

And they are so easy to reach. You just need to right click on the C next to your minimap, choose “Show Warehouse” and then click “All” at the top and do a search for the item you want to find.

As you can see, you can even link to professions and share them in chat.

Keep Your Chat Box Clean

Chat settingsOh, sorry… I didn’t see that you just got an achievement for reaching level 90.

Oh? Hello! No, I didn’t see you come online. I was just crafting 100 bolts of cloth…

Have you ever been in similar situations?

I know that I have. Many times. Well, until last night those were very familiar situations for me.

Last night Scorpyo gave me a good tip to how I could move loots and similar text from the chat box to their own tab. So here goes…

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Trivial Pursuit World of Warcraft Edition Review – For Lore Experts Only?

World of warcraft trivial pursuit

I’ve enjoyed many a good game of Trivial Pursuit when the first edition came out 25 years or so ago… So when I discovered that there now is a World of Warcraft edition, it immediately grabbed my attention.

If you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably asked yourself some questions about the quality of the game, and how much fun it is. Stuff like that. So I did some research and discovered some interesting facts.

Six Categories – Just Like the Original Game

The World of Warcraft edition covers six categories, just like the original game, and these are: Geography (Locations), Player Characters, Lore, Loot (Items), Enemies, Encounters.

You get a “cheese” to put in your “cheese holder,” just like you did in the old game.

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Get a Mount for Your Level One Character (or lvl 19)

Zahav, level 1, on her mountCan you imagine the look on people’s face when they watch your level 1 bank alt ride from the mail box to the auction house in style?

Or how about doing a battleground with your level 10 char, making everybody else jealous when you ride instead of walk?

There are two ways you can obtain a mount for your lower than level 20 chars. One cost money, and the other cost time.

Get the Saltwater Snapjaw Turtle Loot Card

You can buy this loot card from Amazon or eBay for around $100. Maybe less, if you make a good bargain.

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Add Your Own Routes to Carbonite Addon (part 4)


During the last three articles I’ve told you how you could use Carbonite to keep track of your quests, and how you can use it to help you mine ores or gather herbs.

You can also add your own routes to Carbonite, thus make it easier for yourself, if you’re going after certain vanity pets, hunter’s pets, farming eggs to get reputation to get a mount, or if you’re checking specific areas frequently and don’t want to look at the map all the time.

You can add waypoints to Carbonite in two ways – by writing them, or by clicking and adding them when you’re at a waypoint.

In both cases you need to start by opening up your favorites, and you do that by right-clicking the C icon and choosing Show Map.

Then click on the Favorite icon at the bottom.

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Ganking, Bluewall, Gray-kill, Camping… and PvP


“A Horde just ganked me”, “I hate campers”, “He wasn’t able to gray-kill me, that nab!”… This are the kind of sentences you might sometimes read in chat. But what do they mean? And are they all right? Are there rules for PvP in World of Warcraft? 

First, you have to be familiar with the Blizzard expression of “griefing”. We use this expression when a player is ruining the gaming experience of another player on purpose: Stalking a player (following him for no reason, whispering insults, repeatedly sending invitations that they decline, etc.) is forbidden by Blizzard. 

Now, Ganking, Bluewalling, camping, etc., are not (without a few exceptions) considered as griefing by Blizzard and a Game Master will not do anything if you complain about that. Let’s see in details these expressions and what they mean.

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